Monday, January 20, 2014

Sightseeing in Beverly Hills

     Yesterday, my husband told me that he wanted to go for a drive. I remembered that I took my friend to Los Angeles for sightseeing two years ago (here and here), so I asked him if he wanted to go where my friend and I went before. That's why we went to Beverly Hills yesterday. We saw late Michel Jackson's house there, and we also saw many tourists who were looking at celebrities' houses from the tour buses. We didn't know which house was whose, but we were amazed by many luxury houses, which were insane. What kind of people can afford these houses?

     After that, we went to Beverly Gardens Park, but we were not able to step in the park because it was closed due to construction work.

     Then, we walked on the Rodeo Drive. There were many luxury cars and many tourists as well.

     After walking on Rodeo Drive, we walked in Starbucks and bought a Las Vegas mug, which I mentioned in my previous entry.
     Then, we headed toward Griffith Observatory.

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