Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Body Shop Haul

      On January 22, I ordered some items from the Body Shop because they were hosting a Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale at that time. In addition, I found a free shipping code, so I didn't miss out on that deal either! I finally received the package today. I'm going to share with you what I got. :)

      Plenty of Kraft paper occupied in the package.

     They used Kraft paper instead of bubble wrap to provide cushioning for the items.

     I ordered four bottles of hand wash, and two small sizes of body butter.


     These Cranberry Joy Hand Wash were originally $8 each but was on sale for $2.40 each! These smell amazing and look very beautiful.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Hand Wash 8.1 FL OZ / 240ml  

     These mini body butters were $6 each. I have been using their body butters, which are Shea Body Butter and Cranberry Joy Body Butter, and like them. Their body butters smell amazing and moisturize well, so I wanted to try several other scents of their body butter. If I like these mini body butters, I'll buy the Jumbo containers. :)
The Body Shop Mini Body Butter

     This Mini Mango Body Butter smells like a fresh mango!
The Body Shop Mini Mango Body Butter 1.69 OZ / 50ml

     This Mini Satuma Body Butter smelled like a citrus orange. I've just noticed the name of Satsuma. Satsuma is the name of place of Southern Japan. I didn't know that people call it Satuma Orange in English. Japanse people call it Mikan or Unshiu Mikan.
The Body Shop Mini Satuma Body Butter 1.69 OZ / 50ml

       Because they were offering a Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale, I ended up paying $7.78 for everything! These came out to be 82% off!

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