Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Best Cash Back Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

      Last year, I read Robert Kiyosaki's best selling books, Rich Dad And Poor Dad and Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant, and I realized that it's very important to increase my financial literacy. After reading the books, I subscribed Money magazine and started reading financial articles on a daily basis. You know there are many helpful finance blogs. Yet I think I am still a beginner when it comes to finance, but I learned a lot in the past year, so I will share with you some of my financial tips through my blog sometimes.

     In the past year, I reviewed all my credit cards. Before that, my husband and I used to pay most of our purchases with my Costco American Express Credit Card, which is now Costco Citi Visa Card. It's because using one credit card was easy to track our purchases, and I didn't think about credit card cash back reward back then. That's why most our purchase earned only 1 % cash back.    However, since last year, we've tried to use the best cash back credit cards to maximize cash back rewards. We used to get about $200 to $400 cash back a year from Costco credit card, but now total cash back reward is about five times with using these credit cards. :) Today, I'm going to share with you the best cash back credit cards I applied last year.

2% Cash Back Credit Card for Everyday Purchase
      First, you want to get a credit card with at least 2% cash back for all purchase.

  ■Citi Double Cash Master Card (2% cash back for all purchase)

5% Cash Back Credit Card for Rotating Categories
     Then, you want to get credit cards which offer 5% cash back on rotating bonus categories.

     ■Discover It (2 to 10% cash back for the first year, then 1 to 5% cash back for the following years)

Discover It 5% Bonus Cash back Calendar 2017
      I like the fact that Discover It offers no foreign transaction fee. However, some stores in Japan don't accept Discover credit card. :( That's why I would like to find a Visa credit card with no foreign transaction fee.
      Because Discover It offers double cash back for the first year, 5% bonus cash back will be 10%. It's the best credit card for your first year! 

Chase Freedom Visa (1 to 5% cash back)

Chase Freedom 5% Bonus Cash back Calendar 2017
        When wholesale club purchase was 5% bonus cash back category, I paid my laminate floor purchase with this Chase Freedom Visa Card at Costco. :)

Cash Back Credit Card for Grocery Purchase
    ■American Express Blue Cash Everyday (3% for grocery purchase)

   I pay my grocery bills with this American Express Everyday Card unless Discover It or Chase Freedom offer 5% cash back for grocery store purchase.  

     There are so many credit cards you can choose from, and I am not sure these cash back credit cards are perfect for you. It depends on how you spend your money, life style, credit score and more. I actually still look for the best credit cards which have no foreign transaction fee and good for traveling.

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