Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Healsio Gurie - What I Want to Get in Japan

     I watched this YouTube video last night, and I really want to get Healsio Gurie now! Healsio is product of Sharp, a Japanese company founded in Tokyo in 1912. They manufacture excellent Japanese electronic products.

     Healsio Gurie is a very expensive toaster oven (but Sharp calls it "a water oven."). While a typical affordable Japanese toaster oven costs around 3,000 yen, Sharp Healsio Gurie is 32,500 yen!  Did you know that Japanese high-end electronic products are way beyond standard?

      Healsio Gurie heats up foods with their steam technology. It makes cold tempura fresh and crunchy just like it was freshly deep-fried. I sometimes heat frozen fried fish in my inexpensive toaster oven, but it never makes frozen foods crunchy, so I really want to try Healsio Gurie. It must improve my life.


       This is Healsio Gurie TV commercial. You can make leftover deep fried foods and bread fresh and crunchy again.

      You can choose Healsio Gurie from three different colors, red, white and black, but white and black are only limited in quantity.

      I've just added Healsio Gurie to my shopping lists, which are lists of Japanese products I want to buy in Japan. :)

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