Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kohl's Haul

     Because summer is just around the corner, many pineapple items have caught my eye these days. Last night, I finally decided to order this pineapple beach tote bag on :) It was originally $30 but was on sale for $18. I used a $10 Kohl's Cash from Discover credit card deal and also used a 20% off coupon code. I paid it for $6.4 plus tax, but it ended up being about $5 because I paid it with Kohl's gift card which I purchased with 20% off at Rite Aid in advance.  

     Today, I picked up my new bag at Kohl's. Frankly, I thought that it's not excellent quality, but it's just enough for this summer. I would like to take it to a pool in my condominium this summer. Actually, we went there for the first time in this year last night, and we thought we should go swimming sometimes for exercise. :)   
     Last year, my husband and I went swimming in our previous apartment 12 days in a row, and I felt like I was healthier than ever before at that time. I would like to stay healthy this summer too. :)  

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  1. Hi Ringo I recently discovered your blog and have fell completely in love. You seem to know the ins and outs of Japanese skincare and was wondering if you could write about some products that are good for hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone. Thanks :)