Monday, April 27, 2015

Excellent Fresh Seafood at Japanese Supermarket

      When I go to Japanese supermarkets, I always check fresh seafood sections because their sashimi grade fish is truly excellent quality. Last week, sashimi grade scallops from Hokkaido, Japan were on sale for $16.99 per pound. The pack of three scallops was just $3! Needless to say, it was cheaper than one in Japan. Since my husband loved scallops so much, I decided to purchase them without thinking twice. :)
Fresh Scallops from Mitsuwa Market Place

       As you can see the photo below, the fresh scallops were nice and big. These tasted sweet and so good! :))
Fresh Scallops from Mitsuwa Market Place

       My husband found that chi-ai tuna at Japanese supermarket that day. Chi-ai (血合い) is meat of tuna that is dark red with blood coming from parts close to the spine. Chi-ai is usually selling at pretty reasonable price. It was about $2 package that day. We had never had chi-ai before, so we decided to give it a try. As soon as we came back from the Japanese supermarket, we googled how to cook chi-ai tuna in Japanese. Some Japanese people make deep fried tuna, tuna stakes and tuna cooked in soy sauce with it. You can even eat fresh chi-ai tuna as poke or yukhoe if it is excellent quality. Since it was not sale for sashimi, we decided to cook deep fried chi-ai tuna (血合いマグロの竜田揚げ). If truth be told, I thought it would taste like gut such as chicken liver, which I don't really like. Moreover, I also don't really like cooked tuna while I really love fresh tuna sashimi. However, it turned out so delicious far beyond my expectation! It tasted just like my favorite grilled salmon, and its outside was nice and crispy. Chi-ai tuna is nutrient-rich food, which contains iron, taurine, vitamin A, D, B1 and B6. Moreover, it decreases bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol. :) If I find chi-ai fish at Japanese supermarket, I will definitely purchase it again. :)

Deep Fried Chi-ai Tuna
      I'll write how to cook fried chi-ai tuna next time. :)

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