Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walgreens & Target Haul - 90% Off Halloween Clearance

      Yesterday, I found that Walgreens and Target had marked down their Halloween clearance to 90% off! That's why as soon as my husband came back home from work, we I headed toward there to get Halloween items for next year. I'm going to share what I got there with you. :)

      My local Walgreens marked down all Halloween decor 90% off and candy 50% off. There wasn’t a lot of stuff left, but we got these Halloween items.

Walgreens Haul

      I always wanted to buy this Vampire Fangs for making Halloween pumpkin decor. It was originally $2.99 but was 29 cents!
Vampire Fangs
       These two Halloween figures, Owl with Top Hat, were originally $3.99 each, but it was 39 cents!
Owl with Top Hat

      Then, we went to our local Target. Before going there, I wasn't sure if they had marked down Halloween items 90% off because our local Target is usually delay to have clearance compared to other Target branches, and it passed only a week from Halloween. I thought it's too early to have huge clearance sale. However, they actually had marked down all Halloween decor and costumes 90% off and candies 70% off. When we arrived there, there wasn’t a lot of stuff left already, but we were excited to find interesting Halloween decor and finally got these!
Target Haul

       This Halloween doormat was originally $12.99 but was $1.29! I always wanted to get seasonal doormat and was glad to get Halloween one very cheap. It was made of rubber and smelled like tire though.
Halloween Doormat
       I wanted to get something for pumpkin decor next year and found these! I can't wait using these kits!
Pumpkin Decorating Kits
       This was originally $3 but was 30 cents!
Pumpkin Decorating Kit
      This pumpkin musk was originally $3 but was 30 cents!
Pumpkin Decorating Kit
       This was originally $3 but was 30 cents!

      These are Halloween gel window clings. I have never used like these before, and I think it will be fun to decor widows with these next Halloween! I didn't know that these were washable and reusable.

      This was originally $3 but was 30 cents!

      This was originally $2 but was 20 cents!

       My husband told me that this would be useful to make our next Halloween videos. I don't know exactly how it works though. It was originally $1 but was 10 cents!

       This four-piece-spider decor was originally $1 but was 10 cents!

      This Halloween Mold kit including white chocolate and Halloween mold was originally $2.99 but was 89 cents.

       This Caramel Apple Cashew Trail Mix was originally $4.49 but was $1.34.

       The total retail price was $52.44, and the total discounted price was $9.42! :) I can't wait next Halloween season.

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