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Haul - Japanese Sweets and Snacks - Part 2

       As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband bought so many Japanese sweets and snacks during his business trip in Japan last month. I shared a part of these in my previous entry and will share the rest of them with you.
Haul - Japanese Sweets and Snacks
       This snack is Happy Turn, was first released in 1977 by Kameda Seika. I believe that there was only original Happy Turn flavor available when I was living in Japan, but now we can choose from so many different flavors, such as sugar butter and matcha. One day, my mother-in-law sent very limited flavor of Happy Turn to us from Japan. She told us that it was only sold in a particular store and very popular that time. She waited in a line for hours to purchase it for us! It was packed in a fabulous box and looked pretty expensive. I don't know how much it cost though. It was so good, and we enjoyed trying very popular Happy Turn. That's why we became more interested in their new flavor. When my husband went to Japan, he bought this sugar butter flavor one. Unlike the one my mother-in-law sent to us, this Happy Turn was available anywhere in Japan. The sugar butter Happy Turn was sweet and good. :)
Happy Turn (ハッピーターン) by Kameda Seika (亀田製菓)

Happy Turn (ハッピーターン) by Kameda Seika (亀田製菓)

Kameda Seika (亀田製菓) Official Website

       Then, he bought Meiji Fran, which was first released in 1999 by Meiji. These are chocolate covered stick biscuits but the chocolate has more cacao flavor and unique texture. I really like them.
Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Fran (フラン) by Meiji (明治)

Meiji Official Website

      He bought two packages of macadamia chocolate. He told me that I can compare these made by Meiji and Lotte.
Macadamia Chocolate

        This was made by Meiji.
Macadamia by Meiji (明治製菓)

       This was made by Lotte.
Macadamia Chocolate by Lotte (ロッテ)

      He found these strawberry chocolate, Look Royal Amaou. This was made of Amaou, Fukuoka's very famous strawberry brand. Amaou strawberries are sweeter and larger than ordinary strawberries. I was grew up in Fukuoka, and my hometown is pretty famous for fruits. That's why I used to eat strawberries every day during strawberry season when I was little. My neighbors were strawberry farmers and often gave so many strawberries to my family. Soon after I moved to U.S., I was very surprised at how sour U.S. strawberries were.
Look Royal Amaou (あまおう) by Fujiya (不二家) 
        This is Look Royal Amaou made by Fujiya. Look is chocolate with a variety fruits flavors, and it was first released in 1962. It has been popular in Japan since then. They made Look Royal with Amaou strawberries. It was pretty good and he gave one of them to our neighbors from Korea. I hope they liked it. :)
Look Royal Amaou (あまおう) by Fujiya (不二家) 

Look Royal Amaou (あまおう) by Fujiya (不二家) 

Look Royal Amaou (あまおう) by Fujiya (不二家) 

Fujiya Look Official Wesite

     He bought many chocolate bars.
Meiji Chocolate Bars
      This is Meiji Black Chocolate.
 Black Chocolate by Meiji (明治)
     This is Meiji Milk Chocolate.
 Milk chocolate by Meiji (明治)
      This is Lotte Crunky Crunch Chocolate.
Crunky by Lotte

Ghana Chocolate by Lotte
       Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate is my all-time favorite chocolate bar in Japan. :)
Ghana Milk Chocolate by Lotte

Ghana White Chocolate by Lotte

Ghana Black Chocolate by Lotte

Lotte (ロッテ) Official Website

       All of them he bought for me in Japan are very good! I don't usually buy sweets in the U.S. because many U.S. confections are too sweet for me. In addition, Japanese sweets are too expensive here in the U.S. That's why I really enjoy having familiar Japanese sweets and snacks now.
       I will try to eat them little by little. :)

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