Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Must Go to Place in Japan - Affordable Eyeglass Stores, JINS and Zoff

        If you wear eyeglasses and are planing on going to Japan, you should go to eyeglass shops in Japan. It's because many stores sell very affordable stylish eyeglasses in Japan nowadays. Unlike the U.S., buying eyeglasses doesn't need prescriptions in Japan, so you don't need to see an ophthalmologist nor an optometrist to make new eyeglasses there. (If you want to buy contact lenses, you are probably required to see an ophthalmologist though.)  There are so many stylish eyeglasses you can choose from. Once you decided your eyeglass frames, the store staff gives you a vision test. Then, you will get your new eyeglasses in 30 minutes or so.

      I don't need to wear eyeglasses now because I had LASIC in Japan, but I used to wear eyeglasses. When I first started wearing eyeglasses at age 13, eyeglasses were pretty expensive there. Those prices were usually over 20,000 yen, which is equivalent to about $200. Then, when I was 25, my husband former coworker recommended affordable eyeglass shops. At that time, the number of inexpensive eyeglass stores was increasing in Japan. Some stores were selling eyeglasses for 3,000 yen or so. I thought that those were too cheap, but those were actually very stylish, and I didn't have any problem with them. I bought some pairs of eyeglasses and chose based on the time place and occasion. If they had been very expensive, I would have needed to relay on the only one pair of glasses.

       When my husband visited Japan last month, he bought these eyeglasses for 8,532 yen at J!NS in Tokyo. He also bought sunglasses for 11,772 yen. 


       There are some affordable eyeglass stores in Japan. I share these stores with you.

J!NS (4,900 yen - 9,900 yen and up) (English)

Zoff (2,900 yen - 9,001 yen and up) (Japanese)

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