Thursday, September 25, 2014

Johnny Cash - USPS Forever Stamps

      I ordered this sheet of 16 forever stamps, Johnny Cash, on last month. This is one of USPS Forever Stamps Music Icon series. Johnny Cash was a famous country music artist in the U.S. When I moved to U.S. 6 years ago, I didn't know what American country music is. Even though many songs which sung by Americans have been very poplar in Japan, country music wasn't somehow. I think that it's just as same as that most Americans don't know what Enka, a Japanese music genre, is. Anyway, now I like American country music and have often used them as background music on my Youtube videos.
Johnny Cash - USPS Forever Stamps

Issue Date:
June 05, 2013
Art Director/Designer:
Greg Breeding

Johnny Cash - USPS Forever Stamps

Johnny Cash - USPS Forever Stamps

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