Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Study for Medical Terminology

      Today, I took the Medical Terminology quiz and scored 100% on it. Yay! :) Even though I knew that pronunciation would not be on that quiz, I tried to focus on it because pronunciation of medical vocabularies is pretty hard. It's not as same as it looks like. I think that pronunciation correctly is as important as understanding meaning of medical vocabularies if I want to work as a nurse indeed. Taking Medical Terminology class is the best opportunity for me to practice pronunciation seriously. I wrote pronunciation symbol on my flash cards and listened to each pronunciation on online dictionaries. Then, recorded my pronunciations on my iPhone and checked it if I pronounced correctly. It took me many hours to study this way, but it's worthwhile to make a great effort for it. :) I'm going to take next quiz a week later, and I will keep studying pronunciation as well as meaning of medical vocabularies, which will be on the quiz.

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