Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's Halloween Season! I Have Already Gotten Small Halloween Pumpkins This Year!

      It's Halloween Season! Halloween is one of my favorite events of a year, and I have enjoyed making Halloween Jack-o'-lantern every year since 2011. Today, my husband and I went to our local Trader Joe's and found that they finally started selling Halloween pumpkins! Because fresh intact pumpkins last for months, we decided to purchase ones for Halloween well in advance this year. The pumpkin prices of this year at Trader Joe's were as reasonable as ones in previous year. :))

    However, I couldn't find perfect shape ones for Big Tom Pumpkins at Trader Joe's today, so I will look for ones next week.
Big Tom Pumpkins

      We got some small pumpkins today. :)
Sugar Pie Pumpkins

Jack Be Little Pumpkins

Autumn Wings Pumpkin

Tiger Pumpkins

Baby Boo Pumpkins

     We ended up purchasing these three pumpkins, the autumn wings pumpkin and two jack be little pumpkins. These were 69 cents each. :)
2015 Halloween Pumpkins - Autumn Wings Pumpkin and Two Jack Be Little Pumpkins

      I will make no-carve Halloween pumpkins just like I did last year. By the way this is my YouTube video, How to Make the Easiest No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins. It's super easy to make! 

      This is my YouTube video which recorded while I was looking for pumpkins for Halloween last year.

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