Saturday, September 26, 2015

25-Cent Brewed Coffee at Whole Foods! Love Fest

      I found that a cup of small brewed coffee was on sale for 25 cents at Whole Foods through September 29. As I often mentioned in my entries, my husband and I love Whole Foods Allegro Coffee. We sometimes purchase freshly roasted Allegro coffee beans at Whole Foods bulk section. If you are looking for very fresh roasted coffee beans, you can find ones at Whole Foods. Their coffee is the best! :))
25-Cent Brewed Coffee at Whole Foods
      Today, we went to Whole Foods and tried their 25 cents brewed coffee!
25-Cent Brewed Coffee at Whole Foods

      There were four different kinds of coffee we could choose from. We finally chose their Blue Nile Blend, medium roast, coffee. There was the huge mug next to the coffee pots. We inserted a coin into the mug. The coffee was so aromatic and good! :))
25-Cent Brewed Coffee at Whole Foods

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