Thursday, September 24, 2015

Josh Woodward - Knock

       A week ago, I uploaded my new video, How to Make Pumpkin Spice Latte. I used Knock, one of Josh Woodward's songs, as background music in this video.

     I really love this song and have watched his music video with lyrics many times. :)) I would like to figure out some vocabularies in this song to improve my English skills.

Music - "Knock" by Josh Woodward. Free download:

Josh Woodward - Knock


On a streetcar in Tacoma, on a Sunday in July
You’re kicking off your sandals, as you stare up at the sky
I look at you and fumble, for the perfect thing to say
But my nerves get in the way

I've cherished you for ages, but my words were locked in cages
So afraid that you just saw me as a friend
Now I want to set them free, my fingers clenching to the key
But I am frozen once again

Oh the mystery
I'm so afraid of what could be 
If a door is closed, should I suppose it's locked?     
Or should I suck it up and knock?

You look at me with patient eyes, and flash a little smile
My heart is jumping from my chest, and filling up the aisle
I've done the calculations, and I've studied all the signs
And I've read between the lines

But what if I'm mistaken, what if all of that was taken 
Out of context, and I blow it all apart
Would I baffle and confuse you, would I break it all and lose you
At the end before we ever got to start?


So many summers, in a time so long ago
We were kids and nothing mattered in the sunshine on the coast
I never would have planned it, but the feeling still expanded into more
Than just a friend that I adore

Oh, the mystery
So afraid of what could be 
If a door is closed, should I suppose it's locked? 
Or should I suck it up and knock
So afraid that you will walk
But for my conscience's sake, I have to take a shot
I'm gonna suck it up and… 

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

   Today's Vocabularies

streetcar : noun : 路面電車

fumble 【 fʌ́mbl 】: verb : しくじる

in the way : 道を塞いで、邪魔をして

cherish 【 tʃériʃ 】 : verb : ~を大事にする、胸にしまっておく

suck it up : phrasal verb : 〔困難なこと・嫌なことに対して〕愚痴を言わない[言わずに努力する]

baffle 【 bǽfl 】: verb : (人)を途方に暮れさせる、困惑させる

for conscience sake : 気休めに、良心に恥じない為に

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