Monday, September 21, 2015

A Clover Reserve Starbucks - Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u

       Yesterday, my husband and I went to Starbucks and found that they started releasing some new Reserve coffee. Because I received a Starbucks free reward this month, I decided to try Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u this time. It was 100% Ka'u coffee, which is small-lot coffee produced on the Big Island, Hawaii. Because of the rarity, Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u is pretty expensive. They sell a pack of 8.8 oz Reserve Hawaii Ka'u coffee beans for $29.50. We really love Hawaii and traveled the Big Island in January this year, so we couldn't miss out on this Hawaiian coffee. Starbucks rare coffee will run out quickly. That's why we really wanted to try it before it's gone.

      I ordered this iced Reserve Hawaii Ka'u. The coffee aroma was so good, and it had pure coffee taste. This coffee reminded me of the black lava rocks and blue sky of the Big Island. I always love coffee brewed with Clover coffee maker, which is the best coffee brewing method I believe. :))
Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u

Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u

Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u
      This picture of a sea turtle looks like a sea lion to me. :))
Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka'u

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