Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Torrefazione Italia™ Napoli Blend™, Ground Coffee

        When I ordered my new French press coffee maker on Starbucks.com,  my husband added this new Starbucks ground coffee, Torrefazione Italia Coffee Napoli Blend. I finally opened it up and brewed it with French press this week. It was very dark and rich. It looked bitter but was so smooth. We loved it. :) I thought it would be perfect for making iced coffee with using French Press.  
Torrefazione Italia™ Napoli Blend™, Ground Coffee
 Reminiscent of the bustling, treasured city of Naples, this dark, exotic ground coffee blend has a vibrant medium body and deep, roasty notes that darker-roast coffee connoisseurs will love. Notably versatile, Napoli Blend is wonderful prepared as a filter drip coffee and is just as delightful prepared as espresso.

Crafted in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle, these authentic recipes represent the unique taste preferences that vary throughout Italy.
  • Light-roasted blends are preferred in Northern Italy.
  • Medium-roasted blends are preferred in the area around Perugia.
  • Darker-roasted blends are preferred in Southern Italy.

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