Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Traveling Seattle, Day 1-1/7

       On May 23, my husband and I flew to Seattle for our Memorial Day Weekend travel. Before going to the airport, we did online flight check-in at home. We arrived at John Wayne Airport at 6:45. We waited for security check for only about 5 minutes or so. Everything was so smooth at the airport.

John Wayne Airport
        The view of Orange County, where I live, from the plane was very interesting for me. :)

        It was my first time to use Alaska Airline. I was pretty impressed at the interiors of the Boeing 737-700. It had leather seats in both first and coach class cabins. While drinking coffee in the plane, I was looking forward to visiting the first Starbucks in Seattle. :)

       I was able to see some snow capped mountains during the flight.

       It was only 2.5-hour flight. We finally arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at 10:30. As I heard that Seattle is almost always cloudy, our entire days in Seattle were overcast weather.

       I will write about our traveling Seattle next time.

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