Sunday, July 13, 2014

Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs on Ebay

Our Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs

     My husband and I decided to collect Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs this year, and we've collected the 14 different kinds of mugs so far. If truth be told, we finally became sellers on Ebay to sell Starbucks mugs! :)

     As you might know, Starbucks You Are Here Collection mugs are released locally only, so it's not easy to collect so many mugs in different states. The reason why we decided to become sellers was my sister in Japan. After we bought the Las Vegas mug in January this year, I shared the picture of the mug with her. Then, she asked me to purchase Las Vegas one for her. I wasn't expecting that and told her that I didn't know when I could go there next time because Starbucks Las Vegas mugs are released in Las Vegas only. I thought it's also possible that I would go there years later, and I didn't know if they still continued to sell Las Vegas mugs in some distant future. Because my sister has never been to U.S., she has no idea how far it is. From this episode, I realized that how difficult it is to purchase Starbucks You Are Here Collection mugs and thought that I probably should buy extra ones just in case she will want ones. Even if she didn't want those, I could sell those on Japanese auction site some day. (We have sometimes become sellers on Japanese auction site in the past 7 years and sold about 500 times without any trouble so far. Probably, I have been very lucky though.)

     That's why we started buying extra mugs during our traveling and ended up having so many mugs in our home! As we collected their mugs and searched about Starbucks, we knew that there are so many Starbucks fans in all around the world just like us. At the beginning of this month, my husband suggested me that we could sell those on Ebay and would learn so many things including English from the experiences as Ebay sellers. Considering the time we spend for Ebay and commission, it's not good remunerative work; however, it's fun to sell our favorite mugs to Starbucks fans like us, and it's worthwhile to gain a range of experiences in our life. :)

     If you are interested in Starbucks mugs, you can see our selling products here. We are looking forward to meeting you on Ebay. :)

Our Starbucks You Are Here Collection Mugs
           As you can see my previous entries about Starbucks mugs, we purchased our mugs at Starbucks stores in the U.S., so all our products on Ebay are 100% authentic. :)

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