Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ray Charles - USPS Forever Stamps

     Last weekend, my husband and I went to our local post office and bought this sheet of 16 forever stamps, Ray Charles. I didn't know who Ray Charles was, but my husband told me that he is one of the most famous American musicians. That's why I decided purchase this.
Ray Charles - USPS Forever Stamps

Issue Date: September 23, 2013
Art Director/Designer: Ether Kessler, Neal Ashby

Ray Charles - USPS Forever Stamps

Ray Charles - USPS Forever Stamps

      After coming back home, I searched about Ray Charles and was surprised that I am familiar with many of his songs. Specifically, Ellie My Love, Itoshi no Ellie in Japanese, has been very popular in Japan. According to Wikipedia, in 1989, he recorded a cover of the Southern All Stars' "Itoshi no Ellie", releasing it as "Ellie My Love" for a Japanese TV ad for Suntory releasing it in Japan where it reached No. 3 on its Oricon chart. I didn't know that he covered the famous Japanese singer's song. By collecting USPS forever stamps, I've learned so many things unexpectedly! :)

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