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What I Purchased at Kaldi Coffee Farm - Japanese Snack and Candy Haul

       As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I enjoyed shopping at Kaldi located in Tokyo Solamachi, a huge shopping mall at the bottom of Tokyo Skytree. Kaldi Coffee Farm is selling coffee, wine, snacks and etc. Most of their products are very hard to find at other supermarkets in Japan. If you love very unique Japanese snacks, you will love this store. :) Kaldi Coffee Farm has so many branches in Japan. For instance, they have 87 stores in Tokyo.

         Today, I'm going to share 10 products I purchased at Kaldi Coffee Farm with you. :)
Kaldi Coffee Farm Haul

1. Kaldi Potato Chips with Cilantro flavor (パクチーポテトチップス)  
192 yen
Kaldi Potato Chips with Cilantro flavor (パクチーポテトチップス)
       This one was the best Japanese snack I've purchased at Kaldi! I saw Kaldi cilantro flavor potato chips in some Japanese blogs, and I wanted to try one! When I first had one, I was surprised at its cilantro flavor! If you love cilantro, you really should try one!

2. Kaldi Curry Senbei, Japanese Rice Crackers with Curry Flavor (しっとりカレーせん) 
198 yen
Kaldi Curry Senbei
       I love Japanese rice crackers with curry flavor. While famous Kameda Curry Senbei (亀田カレーせん), which you can find at most Japanese supermarkets, is crispy and crunchy, Kaldi Curry Senbei is moist and soft. I really loved its spicy curry flavor! 

3. Sweetened and Salted Japanese Sweet Potato Sticks, Shio Kenpi (塩けんぴ)
226 yen
Shio Kenpi
       Kenpi (けんぴ), Imo-kenpi (芋けんぴ), is a sweetened Japanese sweet potato snack. Kenpi is sweet and crispy. I really loved it! If you love a Japanese sweet potato, you will like it. 
Shio Kenpi

4. Soft Kinako Candy, Kinako Negiri (きなこねじり)
198 yen
Soft Kinako Candy
      Kinako (きなこ) is roasted soy bean flour. I really love Japanese sweets made from kinako, which tastes similar to peanut butter. You can check out my previous entry, How to Make Warabimochi with Microwave Oven, for kinako sweet recipe. Anyway, this Kinako Negiri is soft candy made from kinako.
Soft Kinako Candy

5. Hard Boiled Quail Eggs Seasoned with Soy Sauce, Ajitsuke Tamago (味付旨たまご)
398 yen
Hard Boiled Quail Eggs Seasoned with Soy Sauce
        Have you ever had quail eggs? In Japan, you can find raw quail eggs at most supermarkets. Quail eggs are small, so hard boiled quail eggs are perfect for Japanese bento. This hard boiled quail egg was seasoned with soy sauce. It tastes like nitamago, a ramen egg. My husband loved this quail nitamago. I think you can also make quail nitamago in your kitchen. You can check out my previous entry, How to Make Nitamago, Japanese Ramen Eggs
Hard Boiled Quail Eggs Seasoned with Soy Sauce

6. Deep-Fried Eel Bones, Unagi Bone (うなぎボーン)
204 yen
Deep-Fried Eel Bones
       As I mentioned in my previous entry, Doyo Ushi No Hi - A Special Day for Eating Unagi, unagi (うなぎ, 鰻) is a Japanese freshwater eel and is well known as nutritious food. This unagi snack is deep-fried unagi bone which is rich in calcium, vitamin A, B2, D and E. It's salty and crispy. It slightly smells like fish, so if you don't like Japanese fish snacks, you might want to pass this one.   

7. Fried Pasta Snack
174 yen
Fried Pasta Snack
       Fried Pasta Snack is deep-fried pasta which were lightly salted. The pasta was crispy and delicious. :)

8. Dried Natto (どらい納豆)
354 yen
Dried Natto
       Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. It's a Japanese superfood and has a lot of health benefits. I do love natto, but I think most people outside Japan don't like natto because of its slimy texture and strong smell. (A few of my friends who live in Japan also don't like natto.) When I found this natto snack, I thought I should try one! Even though I've had natto many times in Japan and the U.S. (By the way, my favorite natto is Kin No Tsubu Niowanatto, 金のつぶ におわなっとう.), I didn't know dried natto. This dried natto was made from natto, oil, salt and yeast extract, and it has bacillus natto like regular natto. It was crispy and had natto taste! I like it. :) Even if you don't like natto, I think you might like it because it's less natto smell. ;)
Dried Natto

9. Sweetened Japanese Red Beans, Yude Adzuki (ゆであずき)
118 yen
Sweetened Adzuki Beans
       Because my husband love sweetened red beans, which is also called anko, there are always some packs of anko in our refrigerator. He sometimes makes zenzai, a traditional Japanese anko soup with Japanese mochi. He also eat anko with toast. You can check out my previous entry, How To Make Zenzai, Japanese Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Rice Cakes, for zenzai recipe.
Sweetened Adzuki Beans

10. Kaldi Japanese Drip Coffee Bags
New Year Blend Coffee 2018 for 108 yen
Blue Mountain Blend for 120 yen
Kaldi Japanese Drip Coffee Bags
        As I mentioned in my previous entry, Japanese Drip Coffee Bags - UCC & KEY COFFEE, drip coffee bags have been common in Japan. These are not instant coffee. Each bag has fresh ground coffee and a holder. You can brew perfect coffee wherever if you have hot water and a cup.

           Kaldi Coffee Farm sells many coffee products. We chose Kaldi New Year Blend Coffee 2018 and Kaldi Blue Mountain Blend, and we loved both of them!
Kaldi Coffee Farm

Kaldi New Year Blend Coffee 2018

Kaldi Blue Mountain Blend

Kaldi Blue Mountain Blend

      By the way, when we were purchasing these, a cashier gave us Tokyo Skytree Chocolate for free! ;) 
Tokyo Skytree Chocolate

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    1. Thanks! When I purchase Japanese snacks, I'll share those with you through my blog. :)