Friday, April 13, 2018

Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Japanese Exfoliator Loved by Foreign Tourists

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, Top 10 Japanese Beauty Products Loved by Foreign Tourists in Japan, Cure Natural Aqua Gel is one of the most popular Japanese beauty products for foreign tourists visiting Japan. In Japan, Cure Natural Aqua Gel has won some beautify awards, but I think it's more popular outside Japan somehow. Indeed, it has so many reviews on Amazon US.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel (キュアー ナチュラル アクア ジェル)
1200 yen for 100g 
2700 yen for 250g
Can be purchased at drugstores in Japan

Cure Natural Aqua Gel
        Cure Natural Aqua Gel is exfoliator which gently removes the outer layer of dead cells and makes your skin looking fresh and healthy. Many Japanese people review that it makes your skin smooth and silky, and your makeup looks better. After exfoliation, your skin tends to dry out, so be sure to moisturize your skin well right after using it.
Cure Natural Aqua Gel

How to Use Cure Natural Aqua Gel
1. After cleansing face, dry your face with towel.
2. Take one pump onto your dry fingertips. Apply it on your face. When the gel transforms to white liquid, gently massage it onto your face in circular motions for 30 seconds.
3. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. 
Cure Natural Aqua Gel
・Use 1 to 2 times a week
・Can be used for entire your body (back, neckline, elbows, knees, heels and etc)

      Some Japanese people review that when you use it once or twice a week, one 250g-bottle lasts for a year, which is too long. Since it is preservative-free, ideally, it should be used up in six months after open. Now, Cure Natural Aqua Gel also has a smaller bottle (100g) in Japan, so if you want to try it for your first time, I recommend you to try a smaller bottle first.

     I think that using it once a week (or less) is just right for most people. If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, do not use it too often. Your skin needs protective cells on the surface to keep natural moisture.

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