Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Were Finally Able to Finish Cleaning Ikea Mattress Cover

We were finally able to finish cleaning our mattress cover without shrinking it yesterday. :) We washed four times to get rid of the odor, which began to smell by getting it dry cleaned. Then, it took two days to dry up the mattress cover completely. (In fact, it almost finished drying within a day, but we continued to dry it just in case.) We tried to dry up as fast as possible to prevent bacteria growth, which causes terrible smells. Now, our mattress is cleaner and doesn't smell at all. :) Even though we are not professionals for cleaning, we were able to accomplish what the dry cleaner failed to clean.  For me, it is easy to imagine if the washed clothing stays wet for too many days, bacteria growth on it and it begins to smells terrible. :( We paid for $60 to the dry cleaner, and I thought that it was a very expensive lesson to learn.

Anyway, we were glad that we finally didn't have to throw away the mattress cover.

Next time, I am going to share with you how to wash Ikea mattress cover properly.

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