Saturday, March 9, 2013

We Took Our Mattress Cover to the Dry Cleaner

 My husband and I bought a used queen size bed and mattress for $150 on Japanese trading site. When we picked them up at seller's home, we found that there were some stains on the mattress. The mattress had been used for a year and half, but I think that the seller hadn't used it with a mattress pad. :( We removed the stained mattress cover and took it to the nearest dry cleaner to get the stains removed. The staff of the cleaner looked like a young part time staff, and she didn't know whether they would accept it. :(  Then, we found another cleaner and asked the owner if we could get the stain removed. He accepted to clean our mattress cover. We were really relived because we didn't want to clean it ourselves since we were afraid to shrink it. It is going to be finished on Wednesday, and it will cost $60.
 Today, we went to Ikea to buy some furniture again. We found that the same mattress with our mattress was selling at $549, and the same bed was selling at $399 there. In total, the brand new bed and mattress are $948. Considering the brand new price, our purchase was a pretty good deal. In total, we paid $265.28 ($150 for the bed and mattress, $55.28 for U-Haul rental, and $60 for mattress cleaning) for a year and half old used bed and mattress.

 Anyway, we are hoping that the stain will be removed. 

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