Monday, June 15, 2015

Looking for Starbucks Reserve 100% Kona Coffee

      When my husband has a Starbucks free reward, we try new Reserve coffee. Recently, Starbucks has released Starbucks Reserve 100% Kona Parry Estate. As I mentioned in my previous entry, 100% Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the U.S. This Reserve coffee is $34.50 for 8 oz whole coffee beans. Needless to say that Starbucks Reserve coffee is usually pretty expensive, yet 100% Kona Reserve coffee is over two times more expensive than ordinary Reserve coffee. Kona coffee reminds me of our traveling Kona on the Big Island. :) Indeed, we tried 100% Kona coffee during our traveling Hawaii and at home, but we really want to have it brewed with Starbucks Clover machine, which is the best brewing method I believe. It must be good! :) That's why we would like to use his free reward to try 100% Kona coffee, but unfortunately, it has been sold out already! Popular coffee runs out so quickly!

     Instead, we tried Starbucks Reserve Brazil Sertãozinho early this month.
Starbucks Reserve Brazil Sertãozinho
 Starbucks Reserve® Brazil Sertãozinho
Few farms have an agronomist living onsite. José Renato Gonçalves Dias is part owner of Fazenda Sertãozinho, and he takes the time to do things by hand. Trees are nurtured with organic fertilizers produced on the farm, preserving the microbiological life in the soil. Coffee cherries are handpicked, ensuring only the ripest fruit is selected. And while the pulped natural coffee sun-dries on patios, the parchment beans are turned throughout the day.
This meticulous care is why the farm consistently performs well in the prestigious Cup of Excellence coffee competition.
Fazenda Sertãozinho is an awarding winning farm located near Botelhos City in a mountainous region, South of Minas Gerais. Its name refers to “a little place away from the city.” Fazenda means farm, Sertão means away from, and Zinho is the suffix to define small. This little place away from the city provides an amazing cup profile with flavors of citrus, milk chocolate, and toasted hazelnuts – we are delighted to share this coffee.

      Then, we tried Starbucks Reserve Sulawesi Pango Pango last Saturday.

Starbucks Reserve Sulawesi Pango Pango

Starbucks Reserve® Sulawesi Pango Pango
In the village of Pango Pango, about 100 families contributed coffee for this offering. The children of many of these families attend schools we’ve worked with local communities to build—like the Sapan Kindergarten in nearby Tana Toraja. Since 1996, our collaborations with the coffee growers of Sulawesi have led to deep relationships and extraordinary coffees like this one: picked at high elevation, semi-washed and dried in a multistep process that results in flavor bursting with spicy herbal notes.

     Both Reserve coffee brewed with Clover machine tasted so good like always. :) I think I can't find Starbucks 100% Kona coffee at any Starbucks. If by any chance I could find one, I will definitely try it.

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