Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Café & Meal MUJI - New Year's Japan Travel Day 5

         My husband and I traveled Japan during New Year's holidays. As I mentioned in my previous entry, after enjoying shopping at Muji Yourakucho (MUJI 有楽町), we went to Café & Meal MUJI, Muji cafe, located on the second floor of Muji Yurakucho.

       If truth be told we were not hungry at that time because we had early lunch at Nakau before going to Muji, but I couldn't resist trying Muji cafe. Even though there are so many Muji branches in Japan, most branches don't have Muji cafe. In Tokyo, there are only 10 Muji stores you can enjoy their meals and drinks. You can find Muji cafe locations from here.

      When my husband and I lived in Osaka, we sometimes went to Muji cafe located in Muji Namba (MUJI 難波). We also enjoyed Muji meals at Muji cafe located in Muji Kintetsu Abeno Harukas (MUJI 近鉄あべのハルカス) in Osaka about five years ago. :)
Café & Meal MUJI at MUJI Yurakucho

      This time, we decided to try their bakery. :) If you are planning on visiting Japan, I recommend you to try Japanese bakery. Japanese breads are so fluffy and delicious!

       I chose Muji Cream Bun, Cream Pan (クリームパン). It was very fluffy bun and had custard cream in it. :)        
Muji Cream Bun, Cream Pan (クリームパン) for 200 yen

        My husband had this sweet potato bun, Daigaku Imo Pan (大学芋パン). Daigaku imo is Japanese snack made of sweet potato (deep-fried Japanese sweet potatoes coated with caramel syrup). The bun had many daigaku imo in it.  It was super delicious!
Muji Sweet Potato Bun, Daigaku Imo Pan (大学芋パン) for 220 yen

       He also had Muji soft serve, which is called soft cream in Japan. This soft serve had a very rich milk taste and was so good!
Muji Soft Serve, Soft Cream (ソフトクリーム) for 380 yen

      I had this yuzu drink, Muji Yuzu Squash (柚子スカッシュ). As I mentioned in my previous entry, yuzu (柚子, ゆず, ユズ) is a Japanese citrus fruit. In Japan, a drink made from carbonated water and squeezed juice is called squash such as lemon squash (レモンスカッシュ). Muji Yuzu Squash is made from fresh yuzu grown in Kochi prefecture. I really loved Muji Yuzu Squash! I really enjoyed fresh yuzu aroma. It tasted so refreshing! :)
Muji Yuzu Squash (柚子スカッシュ) for 400 yen

       After we enjoyed Muji cafe, we went to Ginza. I'll write about it next time. :)

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  1. I love Muji Café! So glad that we have them here in Muji stores around Hong Kong! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Wow! I'm glad that there is Muji Cafe near by you. :)