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Seijo Ishii, A High-End Japanese Supermarket - New Year's Japan Travel Day 3

       My husband and I traveled Japan during this New Year's holidays. As I mentioned in my previous entry, we enjoyed shopping around Ikebukuro. I walked over 18,000 steps that day, so my legs were really tired from walking for hours and hours. That's why we stopped by Seijo Ishii, which has a small eating space, to have coffee and dessert that day.

       Seijo Ishii (成城石井) is a popular high-end supermarket chain in Japan. In Tokyo, they have 77 branches. They are not a typical Japanese supermarket. Many of their products are things you have never seen at other supermarkets in Japan. I have been following some Japanese celebrities's blogs, and they have sometimes shared Seijo Ishii's delicious foods through their blogs. That's why I wanted to go to this store. :) Speaking of a high-end supermarket, I also love Kinokuniya (紀ノ国屋), another high-end supermarket chain in Tokyo. When I lived in Japan, I sometimes saw Japanese fashion models carring Kinokuniya shopping bags in Japanese fashion magazines. When I visited Tokyo many years ago, I purchased some Kinokuniya reusable bags and really love them. I've been still using them for weekend grocery shopping because they are so durable! By the way, Kinokuniya (紀伊国屋), a Japanese bookstore chain, sounds the same as Kinokuniya (紀ノ国屋) supermarket, but they are completely different companies.

       Anyway, I'm going to share what we purchased at Seijo Ishii with you.   
Seijo Ishii (成城石井)

      This store was pretty small. They had some wine, fresh foods, frozen foods and etc. Their popular foods are Seijo Ishii premium cheese cake (成城石井自家製 プレミアムチーズケーキ), sliced smoke salmon (成城石井 スモークサーモンスライス), potato salad (成城石井自家製 ポテトサラダ), mabo tofu (成城石井自家製 四川山椒ピリ辛麻婆豆腐) and etc.

Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream (桔梗信玄餅アイスクリーム)
      I found this ice cream, Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream (桔梗信玄餅アイスクリーム), was featured on Japanese TV show, so I decided to try this one. :)   Kikyou Shingen Mochi (桔梗信玄餅) is popular souvenir sweet made by Kikyouya (桔梗屋), which was established in Yamanashi prefecture in 1889.
Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream

      Each cup of ice cream was 320 yen. They had three kinds of ice cream, Original, Premium and Matcha, I could choose from.
Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream

       I purchased matcha one.
Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream Matcha

      As I mentioned above, this store had a small eating space. I had this one in the store. There was Kikyo Shingen Mochi over matcha ice cream.  
Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream Matcha

     Kikyo Shingen Mochi is pounded sticky rice coated with kinako and had kuro mitsu (黒蜜), Japanese brown sugar syrup, in it. The ice cream was still too firm but was really really good. :)  
Kikyou Shingen Mochi Ice Cream Matcha

Ohayo Jersey Milk Soft Serve (オハヨー ジャージー牛乳ソフト)
      My husband purchased Ohayo Jersey Milk Soft Serve (オハヨー ジャージー牛乳ソフト). This one was also so good and perfect with fresh hot coffee. :) I think you can find this soft serve at some supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan as well.
Ohayo Jersey Milk Soft Serve

Fresh Hot Coffee

      Like 7-Eleven I mentioned before, Seijo Ishii had a fresh coffee vending machine. In order to buy coffee, pay it first at a cashier, and brew fresh coffee with this machine.

       The machine grinds coffee beans for your fresh coffee.

        Then, we went to Seibu Ikebukuro (西武池袋), a department store near JR Ikebukuro station, to purchase some meals for dinner at their deli. I'll write about it next time. :)

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