Monday, March 26, 2018

Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming in Japan

             Yesterday, my mother-in-law e-mailed me and sent these photos from Japan. She said cherry blossoms had started blooming in Japan this year!
Cherry Blossoms in 2018 (photo from my mother-in-law)

2018 (photo from my mother-in-law)
         If you have ever been in Japan during spring, you might know how much Japanese people love cherry blossoms, which are called sakura (桜, さくら) in Japanese. :)  If someone asks me, "When is the best season to travel to Japan?", I will definitely say, "It's spring." Spring is the season when sakura starts blooming, and you can see sakuras everywhere in Japan. Sakura blooms and falls gracefully in a short period of time (It's usually less than two weeks) in spring.  
         When I visited Japan during sakura blooming season in 2014, I enjoyed seeing that sakura petals were falling from trees. Beautiful pink petals were flying in sky like butterflies, and the ground underneath sakura trees looked as if it were a gorgeous pink carpet.


      I wish I were in Japan now.


     This is the video I recorded in Fukuoka, Japan in spring in 2014.

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