Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nakau, Japanese Gyudon Restaurant - New Year's Japan Travel Day 6

       My husband and I traveled Japan during New Year's holidays. As I mentioned in my previous entry, after enjoying seeing the beautiful Tokyo Tower, we went to Nakau restaurant for dinner on our way back to the hotel.

      Nakau (なか卯) is an affordable Japanese beef bowl restaurant chain. Nakau has 470 branches in Japan. In Tokyo, they have over 80 restaurants, so you can find Nakau restaurant pretty easily.

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, we also went to this restaurant on the previous day, but we went there again because it was very close to our hotel, and they have many foods we wanted to try. ;) They have beef bowls (牛丼), egg and chicken bowls (親子丼), pork cutlet bowls (かつ丼), beef curry (カレー), udon noodles (うどん), soba noodles (そば) and seasonal menu. You can check out official Nakau website for their menu and locations in English.

      In order to order your meal, you can buy meal tickets with a ticket vending machine. After purchasing meal tickets, take a seat and put the tickets on the table. A waiter will come and take tickets for you. Your meal will be served soon. :)
Nakau Meal Ticket Vending Machine
Nakau Meal Thickets

Deep-Fried Oyster Combo, Kaki Fry Teshoku (カキフライ定食)
     At that time, they had deep-fried oysters, which is called kaki fry (カキフライ) in Japan, as their seasonal menu for winter. I ordered this deep-fried oyster combo, which includes four deep-fried oysters, salad, white rice and miso soup, for 890 yen. I also ordered French fries for 190 yen.
       Oysters were larger than I expected. :)

Beef Bowl, Wafu Gyudon (和風牛丼)
      My husband ordered a set of regular size beef bowl and small chicken udon noodles for 670 yen. He also added a raw egg for the beef bowl. 
Small Size Chicken Udon Noodles , Udon Tori Shio (小 うどん鶏塩)

       After we had dinner at Nakau, we went back to our hotel. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Hotel Room Tour and Review - Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo Hamamatsucho - Tokyo, Japan, we enjoyed Japanese sake, which the hotel served to guests on the New Year's day.

       Next day, we headed toward Handa Airport to fly to Fukuoka, which is our hometown. I'll write about it next time. :)     

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