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Star Wars ANA Jet B777-300 & In-Flight Meals - New Year's Japan Travel Day 1

      My husband and I traveled Japan during New Year's holidays. I'll write about our Japan travel on my blog sometimes. :)

     We decided to purchase airplane tickets four months in advance (It was in August!). We booked ANA, All Nippon Airways, flights this time. The reasons why we visited Japan were to have a complete medical checkup, to enjoy traveling Tokyo and to see our families who live in Japan. We took an appointment for the medical checkup, but other than that, we didn't make our travel schedule. Although we booked hotels in Tokyo for five nights. "We don't know what we will do in Tokyo, but we can decide where we go after arriving Japan".  :)    

Headed Toward LAX
     On December 26, we headed toward LAX, Los Angeles International Airport. We used Hilton LAX Parking this time. We arrived at Hilton Hotel Valet Parking at 8 p.m. Then, we waited for a shuttle bus for over 30 minutes.

    When we arrived at LAX, the ANA check-in counter had problem with its computer system. There was a very long line for flight check-in. The line didn't move at all for about an hour. I think most people in the line were waiting for the flight to Tokyo Haneda Airport. It was very late night, so some people looked tired and a little upset about it. However, the line moved a little by little an hour later. Our flight was delayed for about an hour, but we didn't mind it at all because it happens sometimes and safety is always the first priority. ;) Our airplane finally took off around at 1:30 a.m. on December 27.  (After arriving in Japan, I was surprised at the news that ANA flight from LAX to Tokyo Narita Airport ended up turning around about four hours after takeoff that day. I guessed that that's why the ANA check-in counter had problem that night.)

Star Wars ANA Jet     

     Our airplane was Star Wars ANA Jet Boeing 777-300! We didn't expected that! :) It was so cool!
Star Wars ANA Jet B777-300

Star Wars ANA Jet B777-300
        Paper cups, napkins and airplane headrest covers had Star Wars ANA Jet design! The flight attendants were wearing Star Wars ANA aprons. Moreover, the in-flight announcement was made by BB-8, a character in the Star Wars.  :) 
Star Wars ANA Jet B777-300 Drink Cup

In-Flight Meal (from Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda)
     The qualities of ANA in-flight meals (from LAX to HND) were very different from ones (from HND to LAX).  

The First In-Flight Meal (Snack)
ANA Economy Class In-Flight Meal (Snack)
    The first in-flight meal (economy class) was ciabatta sandwich (with roast beef and potato salad), onion potato chips and fresh banana. I had expected that economy class flight meal wasn't so good. Frankly, the ciabatta bread from the sandwich was the worst I've ever had. :( 

The Second In-Flight Meals (Breakfast)
      For the second in-flight meal, my husband chose this one, rigatoni bolognese, Japanese cold udon noodles, Greek yogurt and fruit. Rigatoni bolognese was pretty good.
ANA Economy Class In-Flight Meal (Breakfast B, Rigatoni Bolognese)

       I chose this soboro don one, which was salmon fakes over steamed rice, Japanese cold udon noodles, Greek yogurt and fruit. Soboro don tasted so so. The udon noodles tasted very Americanized. The firmness of noodles were too soft to me and didn't taste like udon. It tasted more like somen noodles.    
ANA Economy Class In-Flight Meal (Breakfast A, Soboro Don)

Arrived in Tokyo!
Star Wars ANA Jet B777-300
     We finally arrived in Japan at 5:30 a.m. on December 28. I will write more about our Japan travel next time. :)

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