Saturday, July 11, 2015

Daiso Haul - iPhone Data & Charging Cable

      Since I am a blogger, I want to take pictures with my iPhone anywhere if I found something interesting. In addition, I use iPhone as a pedometer, a calculator, a device to show some coupons and so on while being away from home. However, I sometimes run out of my iPhone's battery while on the go. :(  I often see that my husband is charging his smart phone's battery in our car, so I thought I should get a iPhone cable and keep it in my car just in case. Indeed, he has four charging cables and keeps each cable in our cars, workplace and home.
       Today, my husband told me that Daiso iPhone Charging Cable is apparently pretty popular in Japan. That's why we went to Daiso and found that iPhone charging cable for $1.50! We sometimes heard that a cheap cable doesn't last long, but I decided to try it because of only $1.50. Even if it will break after a while, I won't regret this purchase because of the price. After coming back home, I used it to charge my iPhone's battery, and it worked great. I will keep it in my car from tomorrow. :) Tonight, I read many reviews on Daiso iPhone Charging Cable (but not exactly the same one) in Japanese and English, and all reviewers I read so far are satisfied with this product. This might be one of the best buy items at Daiso. :)
Daiso iPhone Data & Charging Cable

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