Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Shopping - Coffee Beans

      Yesterday, my husband and I went to Whole Foods to purchase Allegro coffee beans.

       We used to prefer dark roasted coffee because lighter roasted coffee tastes sour which we don't really like. However, we found that freshly roasted coffee beans don't have strong sour tastes. The fresher coffee beans, the smoother tastes. :)

      This time, I chose Organic Whole Foods Blend, which contains both dark and light roasted coffee beans. These coffee beans were so fresh because these were just roasted on the day before we purchased them. :) According to the label, we've blended lightly roasted high mountain Latin American beans with our Extra Dark French Roast to create a coffee as distinctive in taste as it is appearance. It's spicy, sweet, and smoky - a perfect contrast of bright and dark.

        He chose Sumatra Lintong, which is light roasted coffee beans. These were also so fresh. According to the label, the exotic beans that make up this Indonesian coffee are farmed by the Batak people in northern Sumatra, near a massive ancient crater lake. Processed through the local "wet hulled" method, its rustic flavor is earthy fragrant, and herbal. We brewed coffee with these Sumatra coffee beans yesterday, it had fruity coffee aroma but didn't taste sour. It was really smooth and pure. We really loved it. :)

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