Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Downtown Disney California - Sunday Walking

   Last weekend, my husband and I finally had Starbucks Reserve 2017 Christmas Blend! It was a dry and warm day due to wildfire in Southern California, we decided to have iced coffee there.
Starbucks Reserve 2017 Christmas Blend

      After that, we decided to take a walk around Downtown Disney. I think it's been about a year since we went there last time. At the entrance of Downtown Disney shopping district, there was a security checkpoint, which I didn't see last year. Everyone who walks into the Downtown Disney shopping district has to show the inside of their handbag and walk through a metal detector. I was also asked to open a small makeup bag by a security guard. People were waiting in long lines to be security checked. It took time to enter the shopping district, but the security checkpoint made me feel safer. :)
A Downtown Disney Christmas Tree
     There was a huge beautiful Christmas tree stood in the central of Downtown Disney.

    Downtown Disney shopping district is not super huge, but there are two Starbucks branches. This Starbucks is the second Starbucks in Downtown Disney District.
Starbucks in Downtown Disney District

     I liked this exterior wall with the huge Starbucks Siren.
Starbucks in Downtown Disney District

    There was a huge red Coca Cola Christmas truck outside of Downtown Disney!
Coca Cola Christmas Truck

Coca Cola Christmas Truck

     We enjoyed walking there. We also enjoyed shopping there. :)

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