Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What DVDs I Watched This Year

      I decided to watch as many DVDs as possible this year in order to improve my listening skill. I started watching DVDs in January this year and watched at least one episode every day. I really pushed myself to reach this goal, so I did it anyway even while I was traveling Japan and U.S. It's because I believe that continuance is the key to improve listening skill. Before doing this challenge, my listening skill was not good enough. When my husband and I went to a restaurant this January, I didn't understand what servers were saying sometimes. As I mentioned in my previous entries, I studied for Nursing and English very hard last year. As the result of my effort, I surprisingly improved my reading skill, and I finally got a RN licence. However, I didn't have time to watch DVDs because of my priority was passing the NCLEX last year. Since I started watching DVDs every day this year, I have finally noticed that my listening skill has really improved. :) Then, I became so busy from this summer, it was very hard for me to keep doing it. When I traveled Lake Tahoe, I forgot to take two DVDs with me, so I gave up my challenge. Since September, I have been watching DVDs on weekdays only. Nonetheless, overall, I can say that I watched as many DVDs as I could this year! :) Anyway, I'm going to share what DVDs I watched this year. :)
ER DVDs the Complete Season 1-15
      I watched all the 331 episodes of ER season 1 through 15! I couldn't believe that I was able to finish watching all episodes in a year! ER was one of my favorite American serial dramas when I was 17 in Japan. At that time, I watched them dubbed into Japanese and never thought that I would move to U.S. and finally would be able to watch them in English.

       After finishing watching all ER DVDs, I watched these movies. :)

Miranda Priestly is portrayed by Meryl Streep.
Andrea is portrayed by Anne Hathaway.

Dr. Daniel Maccabee is portrayed by Adam Sandler.
Katherine Murphy is portrayed by Jennifer Aniston.

Mary Magdalene Horowitz is portrayed by Sandra Bullock.
Steven Miller is portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

Neil is portrayed by Ben Affleck.
Beth Murphy is portrayed by Jennifer Aniston.

Felonious Gru is portrayed by Steve Carell.

Lucy Moderatz is portrayed by Sandra Bullock.
Jack Callaghan is portrayed by Bill Pullman.

Jack Byrnes is portrayed by Robert De Niro.
Gaylord Focker is portrayed by Ben Stiller.

Burke Ryan is portrayed by Aaron Eckhart.
Eloise is portrayed by Jennifer Aniston.

Zoe is portrayed by Jennifer Lopez.
Stan is portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin.

 Rebecca Bloomwood is portrayed by Isla Fisher.
 Luke Brandon is portrayed by Hugh Dancy.

Becky Fuller is portrayed by Rachel McAdams.
 Mike Pomeroy is portrayed by Harrison Ford.

Olive Penderghast is portrayed by Emma Stone.
Marianne Bryant is portrayed by Amanda Bynes.

      Next year, I will watch all ER DVDs once again to keep up my knowledge of Medical vocabularies and listening skill. I tried to find the best serial drama related to Medicine, and I finally thought that ER was well made and is pretty decent from my point of view as a RN. ER portrays realistic stories in medical setting. :)

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